Several years ago, I went through a very difficult divorce and had two divorce attorneys in the beginning that had nothing but their bottom line in mind while dealing with my case. All they were interested in was billing me for hours and hours of wasted time and ended up costing me way more in attorney fees then was really needed. During the entire year and a half of court appearances and time off from work I had to take, not once did either of them try to settle my case quickly. The entire process was difficult for me and my children who had to endure this for far too long.  Once my divorce was final, I thought that would be the end of it, but little did I know that my ex-wife’s attorney would keep taking me to court for more money for child support and medical bills. I finally had to represent myself because I was not able to afford another divorce attorney. After several year of this and again more time off from work, I was recommended to Meredith Makin by another attorney who had nothing but great things to say about Meredith Makin. On the very first consultation meeting, Meredith made me feel like I was the first priority and that she actually had my best interest at top of mind. She represented me a few more time in court again after my ex-wife wanted even more money for child support, medical bills and college tuition. Meredith presented to the judge and my ex-wife’s attorney a very logical and detailed offer that made sense for all parties. The judge not only agreed with Meredith’s suggestion but was appalled that my ex-wife’s attorney didn’t just take the offer and stop wasting the courts time.  Meredith has since kept in touch with me and I am truly grateful for her help. Without her, I may still be fighting my ex-wife and her attorney. To say that I recommend Meredith Makin would be a huge understatement. Thanks again Meredith! 

Former Client