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In the midst of a very difficult, confusing and stressful time, Meredith offered clear and practical advice. She navigated through the inevitable emotional drama with thoughtfulness and compassion. I never felt like I was merely a client–Meredith saw me as a whole person and expressed care for me and my children.

Former Client

People don’t get married thinking there will be a need for a divorce attorney.  Unfortunately I had a need for one. I had very complicated situation. when I sat down with Meredith to review my case she was very thorough and responsive to my situation. Meredith went above and beyond my expectations and even answered my call on a Christmas Day regarding a custody situation. By far I consider her one of the best in the business. Meredith is professional, personal and very dedicated to her profession and is highly recommend.

Brian C.

Several years ago I went through a very difficult divorce. When I was referred to Meredith by a friend, my ex and I were on our second mediator and it was not going well. As a fairly traditional housewife, I had relied on my ex-husband to manage our finances and until I hired Meredith I felt outgunned and constantly at a disadvantage. With Meredith’s support, I was able to negotiate a fair settlement with a very bitter ex-spouse. Meredith talked me through some very dark moments, always keeping her eye on the end goal—long term stability for me and my children. Meredith is smart, objective, fair, calm and most of all, human. As a mother she understood the complexity of maintaining a workable relationship with the father of my children while also trying to build a new, independent life for myself. She communicated regularly, kept me informed throughout the process, explained my options without pressure or condescension, and respected every decision I made. I honestly couldn’t have gotten through it without her.

J.M., Former Client

Several years ago, I went through a very difficult divorce and had two divorce attorneys in the beginning that had nothing but their bottom line in mind while dealing with my case. All they were interested in was billing me for hours and hours of wasted time and ended up costing me way more in attorney fees then was really needed. During the entire year and a half of court appearances and time off from work I had to take, not once did either of them try to settle my case quickly. The entire process was difficult for me and my children who had to endure this for far too long.  Once my divorce was final, I thought that would be the end of it, but little did I know that my ex-wife’s attorney would keep taking me to court for more money for child support and medical bills. I finally had to represent myself because I was not able to afford another divorce attorney. After several year of this and again more time off from work, I was recommended to Meredith Makin by another attorney who had nothing but great things to say about Meredith Makin. On the very first consultation meeting, Meredith made me feel like I was the first priority and that she actually had my best interest at top of mind. She represented me a few more time in court again after my ex-wife wanted even more money for child support, medical bills and college tuition. Meredith presented to the judge and my ex-wife’s attorney a very logical and detailed offer that made sense for all parties. The judge not only agreed with Meredith’s suggestion but was appalled that my ex-wife’s attorney didn’t just take the offer and stop wasting the courts time.  Meredith has since kept in touch with me and I am truly grateful for her help. Without her, I may still be fighting my ex-wife and her attorney. To say that I recommend Meredith Makin would be a huge understatement. Thanks again Meredith! 

Former Client

If your life’s path has led you to Meredith Makin, rest assured, you have met the right attorney.  I was fortunate enough to have someone recommend Meredith to me and I am sincerely grateful.  After my first meeting with Meredith, I quickly realized that she is an extremely intelligent, resourceful and strategic divorce attorney.  She provided strong and supportive guidance throughout the entire divorce process.  She first and foremost cares deeply about her clients and what is best for her client’s children.  Her expertise in divorce law and the division of assets is exceptional.  She is extremely knowledgeable and diversified in 401ks, stock, real estate and retirement accounts.  Meredith’s continued support throughout the entire process eased the tremendous stress of a divorce.  Her calm, rational and intelligent manner in and out of the courtroom is greatly appreciated and respected by all.  If you are considering Meredith Makin as your attorney, I highly recommend her.

Former Client

Recommendation Without Reservation: I spoke with several Attorneys prior to Atty. Makin.  Once I spoke with her, I knew she was the attorney I needed for my case.  She is honest, knowledgeable, and practical.  She also was genuinely concerned with my child throughout the process, asking me on several occasions how my daughter was doing at her new university as she is a freshman in college.  Needing a family law attorney usually means there are several financial and emotional issues which need to be solved.  Attorney Makin can think outside the box and provide solutions to difficult problems I encountered along the way.  She doesn’t dictate to her clients, but brings a collaborative approach to her representation.  I am truly lucky to have had her on my side and would recommend her without reservation!

Former client

Meredith was such a perfect mix of steadfast advocacy, compassionate educator, and the epitome of professionalism, exhibiting trustworthiness and honesty throughout the whole process of my divorce and during the worst emotional upheaval of my life. She ensured that I understood what all my options were, especially when it came to the best interests of my young child, what the anticipated outcomes might be through the family court system, and she helped me to navigate the path with such thoroughness and empathy. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.

J.H. (Former client)

Eminently trustworthy: Attorney Makin is a zealous advocate for her clients and she is highly respected by her peers. She was eminently trustworthy with me in all transactions regarding the cases we litigated together.‬

‪Tim Birmingham‬‬‬‪‬Principal at Law Office of Timothy J. Birmingham: Opposing counsel‬‬‬‬‬‬

Ethical and Honest: Ms. Makin is consistently well organized and prepared. She is a truly effective advocate for her clients and works tirelessly to meet or exceed their goals. Atty. Makin is a lawyer who can be trusted. She’s not just aggressive, she enjoys the reputation of being ethical and honest.

John AndrewsCriminal Defense Attorney Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter

My ‘Go To’ Attorney: Meredith Makin is someone you want in your corner. Meredith has been my attorney for seven years, starting when she was a young associate. From the beginning, she has performed like a seasoned veteran, which she is now. She is thorough, proactive, and humanistic. I absolutely trust her judgment with respect to sensitive and weighty decisions. I will call no one else the next time I need help.


Great family lawyer: Attorney Makin is a wonderful family/divorce attorney.

She always kept me informed, was easy too talk with and was always available when I called. I always felt comfortable and informed about my case. I would recommend her to any of my family or friends looking for a family attorney.


Excellent legal services in the field of family law: Meredith provided limited assistance representation for our guardianship case. She reviewed our documents thoroughly before providing thoughtful and knowledgeable guidance. We had spoken to several attorneys before deciding on Meredith’s expertise. We found that her extensive understanding of the family court system helped us to be prepared for an uncertain outcome for our grandchildren.

We have recommended Meredith since we used her services. We would also use Meredith again if need be.


Highly Recommend: Meredith was a delight to work with during my mediation. Very professional and personable. Meredith took the time to make sure I understood everything clearly.


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