If your life’s path has led you to Meredith Makin, rest assured, you have met the right attorney.  I was fortunate enough to have someone recommend Meredith to me and I am sincerely grateful.  After my first meeting with Meredith, I quickly realized that she is an extremely intelligent, resourceful and strategic divorce attorney.  She provided strong and supportive guidance throughout the entire divorce process.  She first and foremost cares deeply about her clients and what is best for her client’s children.  Her expertise in divorce law and the division of assets is exceptional.  She is extremely knowledgeable and diversified in 401ks, stock, real estate and retirement accounts.  Meredith’s continued support throughout the entire process eased the tremendous stress of a divorce.  Her calm, rational and intelligent manner in and out of the courtroom is greatly appreciated and respected by all.  If you are considering Meredith Makin as your attorney, I highly recommend her.

Former Client