Several years ago I went through a very difficult divorce. When I was referred to Meredith by a friend, my ex and I were on our second mediator and it was not going well. As a fairly traditional housewife, I had relied on my ex-husband to manage our finances and until I hired Meredith I felt outgunned and constantly at a disadvantage. With Meredith’s support, I was able to negotiate a fair settlement with a very bitter ex-spouse. Meredith talked me through some very dark moments, always keeping her eye on the end goal—long term stability for me and my children. Meredith is smart, objective, fair, calm and most of all, human. As a mother she understood the complexity of maintaining a workable relationship with the father of my children while also trying to build a new, independent life for myself. She communicated regularly, kept me informed throughout the process, explained my options without pressure or condescension, and respected every decision I made. I honestly couldn’t have gotten through it without her.

J.M., Former Client